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An Inclusive Symphony Orchestra, Born In Our Times

Founded during the global upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, the New England Repertory Orchestra is the result of a call amongst musicians in the region to a common purpose and a common love. Staffed with local professionals, a core ensemble was formed with the goal of recruiting a roster of musicians more representative of the diversity we see in our society.

New England Repertory Orchestra knows that music can uplift and sustain hearts, change minds, and catalyze positive and restorative change. 

NERO honors diverse voices through the performance of both new and past works by underrepresented composers, while offering fresh performances and insights on repertoire by composers that are familiar, as well as feature some of those artists' historically neglected works.

NERO is committed to being present in our community and engaging it in its programming. We create a place of belonging and a network for symphonic musicians -- particularly artists of color -- to have an artistic home year-round.

WE are not only professional orchestral musicians -- we are a connective part of the community, working to be of greater service.

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